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Stephan Hoyer

Physicist, data scientist and scientific Python developer.



I graduated from the University of Calfornia, Berkeley in 2013 with a Ph.D. in theoretical physics. My advisor was Birgitta Whaley.

Fenna-Matthews-Olson complex


My dissertation research was on the role of electronic quantum coherence in photosynthetic energy transfer:

  • Does quantum coherence contribute to biological function in photosynthesis?
  • How can we use statistics, optimization and quantum information theory to design ultrafast spectroscopy experiments on photosynthetic pigment-protein complexes?

My main model system was the Fenna-Matthews-Olson complex of green sulfur bacteria (shown above).

My work involved developing new mathematical techniques, more efficient computational methods and research software (mostly in Python). I collaborated with researchers in Taiwan, Germany, New York and Berkeley, wrote 6 papers and presented at 12 conferences. For the last three years of my program, I was supported by a fellowship from the US Department of Energy. I spent summer 2010 as an EAPSI fellow at National Taiwan Unviersity.


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  2. S Hoyer, F Caruso, S Montangero, M Sarovar, T Calarco, MB Plenio, KB Whaley, Realistic and verifiable coherent control of excitonic states in a light harvesting complex, New J Physics 16, 045007 (2014). arXiv:1307.4807
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Writing from Swarthmore

At Swarthmore College, I majored in physics and minored in mathematics. Here are my final projects for each department: